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Third Eye Chakra Guided MeditationSpecial Events :: Community Event
Third Eye Chakra Guided Meditation
10:30 AM
YogaMotion Wellness Academy
We’ve begun our 7 week series of Chakra Guided Meditations using Shamanic Journeying techniques. Each week will have a focus of one Chakra, starting at Root Chakra and working our way through to Crown Chakra, clearing, balancing, and deep healing as we go. You are welcome to come to all or drop in as you can.
It will happen at YogaMotion Wellness Academy

Join us for Third Eye Chakra Guided Meditation! This week we journey to the Upper World to meet our guides and receive our spiritual gifts! Come join us!

Why focus on Third Eye Chakra? Let’s review:
Third Eye Chakra (forehead) is the core of your intuition and spiritual gifts. When in balance, your insights are clear and you honor your innate wisdom. When underactive, you only perceive what can be tangible and scientifically proven. When open, but without awareness and control, you can be too easily influenced by unseen energies and emotions of others. Imbalances in the Third Eye Chakra stem from traditional societal expectations and institutions.

Why participate in Guided Meditation??
Guided meditation is the best way to start a meditation practice, for all levels and ages. Not only are you training your monkey mind to quiet and focus on a story, you also are awakening your spiritual gifts and imagination to reveal areas to heal in your life.

Come each week to experience the full benefit of opening and flowing through each Chakra or just drop in. Christine Renee channels the meditation with her guides, offering you a completely unique and healing experience.

Class Cost: $10 for drop-in or $60 for all 7 weeks

OR free for Chakra Mastermind participants. Ask me for more information!
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: YogaMotion Wellness Academy
Address: 521 E Peach bozeman, Montana 59715
Phone: N/A

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